"When the issues and the heart collide, CCA takes action"

Ways You Can Help Us

We are always in need of goods such as non-perishable foods, baby foods & nappies, basic hygiene products etc. or assistance to purchase these items.

Without the support of our local community, we would not be able to provide excellent services to those less fortunate.

Here's a list of items that are always in demand:

  • Non-perishable Foods

    Tinned Baked Beans or Spaghetti

    Tinned Chunky Soups or Meals

    Tagged Tea Bags, Instant Coffee, Raw Sugar

    1L/2L UHT Full Cream Milk

    Instant Noodle packets/cups/boxes

    School lunch-box fillers

    (eg. Muesli Bars/Crackers/Cheese/Poppers/Fruit Cups etc.)


  • Male & Female Toiletries

    Shampoo & Conditioner

    Hairbrushes / Combs



    Torches and/or Batteries

    Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

  • Baby Supplies

    Nappies (All sizes)

    Formula (Newborn/Toddler)

    Baby Food, Jars or Tins

  • Pet Supplies

    Dry Cat & Dog Food

    Tinned Cat & Dog Food

    Kitty Litter


CCA gladly accepts, sorts, and distributes all donations to individuals in need, completely free of charge.

There is a constant demand for good, clean, serviceable-quality furniture, whitegoods, kitchen items, linen, clothes, and garden equipment.

Additionally, we welcome donations for our op shop, which serves as our primary source of fundraising.

If you wish to contribute regularly, please contact Gale at 07 5319 2463.


If you have time to spare and have the heart to help those in need, don't hesitate to call our office on (07) 5309 4122 or 0401 378 291 to have a chat with us.


COMING SOON: Please do not use until this message is removed!

Hamper Collection - Use this form to request a hamper collection and provide your specific requirements. Please complete form "after" arriving at CCA.


FOR CCA VOLUNTEERS USE ONLY: Please find below the forms exclusively designated for CCA volunteer use.

Volunteer Time Sheet - Volunteers: Please complete this form once you know your start and finish times. Thank you for your incredible support!!

Customer Delivery - Use this form when a customer has purchased goods from the op shop but needs assistance with transportation.

Donation Pickup Form - Use this form when a community member wishes to donate goods but requires pickup from their location.

Request and Collect Form - Use this form when a client or customer requests an item that is currently out of stock and will come to collect it when it becomes available.

Client/PIN Request Delivery Form - Use this form when a client in need requires necessary items to be delivered to their home.